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Officers from the New York Port Authority, (left to right) Vincent Zappulla, Jr, Frank Accardi, Huntington Police Officer, Corwin Bales, New York Port Authority Officer, Kevin Devlin and Robert Egbert surround the unveiled 9/11 Memorial at Huntington Beach City Hall before the ceremony on Sunday afternoon.<br />
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///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: hb.0915.memorial – 9/11/16 – MICHAEL KITADA, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER - _DSC8496.jpg - <br />
Summary: The Huntington Beach Police Officers' Foundation's 9-11 Memorial Committee unveils a $200,000 monument including steel from the toppled World Trade Center, at City Hall. The event will include music, a flyover, New York police and others with connections to the 9-11 rescue and victims of the tragedy.